Minecraft Arrives For Xbox One On Sept 5

One of the biggest games around the world in the past few years has been Minecraft. Whether you get the game or not, the game has a huge following, and Xbox One fans have been waiting for it to arrive. A blog post on Tuesday finally announced its arrival.

Minecraft is a game all about building new lands and showing off creations in an imaginary world. The game though on the Xbox One has been promised to reinvent the worldwide hit, and should be a massive seller for the Xbox One. The game arrives soon and with Microsoft’s urging.

Microsoft Announces Release Date Of Minecraft For Xbox One

Only $19.99 USD For Minecraft

The Minecraft for Xbox One arrives on September 5th for only $19.99 and is available for those who own it on the Xbox 360 for only $4.99. Best of all, Microsoft is allowing users who have purchased content on the Xbox 360 edition to re-download it on the Xbox One at no additional charge, pleasing both console owners.

Users will be able to purchase and download the Xbox One version from the Xbox One, or purchase it via Xbox gift cards at the retail level. The retail option will be available to retailers later this month, and full game digital download codes will be available. At the holiday season, a packaged version will be available too.

Microsoft Gives Creators New Ways To Enjoy Minecraft On Xbox One Starting Sept 5

Why Minecraft On Xbox One?

Many wonder why Microsoft and Minecraft would put the game on the Xbox One. Simply it got a whole lot better. It allows for content transfer on the Xbox 360, and offers a whole new area of lands to explore and create with the Minecraft engine. It has worlds up to 36 times the size of the Xbox 360, and is massive in size.

This massively enlarged area for creation, an affordable price, mixed in with the huge following of Minecraft will surely make it a huge hit. The next generation high definition graphics will also make it a huge hit, and users will be able to show creations off using the Upload Studio and much more. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

Friday is a great day for Minecraft fans. The Xbox One version arrives and for under $20.

Published: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: September 3, 2014

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