Minecraft, And Its Wealth Of Mods, Could Come To Xbox 360

Minecraft Mods For Xbox The Xbox 360 version sold a ton of units (two million!), but we couldn’t help and think that the lack of mods dampened the experience.

Developers of the port, 4J Studios, revealed it wants to bring user mods to the console version.

Microsoft likes to control what arrives on Xbox 360, so mods would seemingly be a no-no

Chief executive of the developers Paddy Burns said it is looking at the more successful mods and thinking about bringing them to Xbox 360. If mods do arrive on the console it may be as DLC and/or integrated into the vanilla game. It would be interesting if your world expanded with users mods. Walking into a giant roller coaster randomly would be fun.

However, the focus now is on update 1.2.3. After mods will be discussed; the estimated time of arrival is unknown. We’ve seen character skins being available for Xbox 360, though it’s not the same as going to Internet Explorer 9 and download the mods. Microsoft doesn’t create that open source gaming console.

Minecraft Mods For Xbox

Burns also spoke about creating different types of Minecraft for PC and Xbox 360. The latter is a more casual experience due to using a controller. Playing on a PC encourages delving into the game and downloading good, and bad, user content. It’s part of the gun. And it’s free.

An Uncomfortable Position For Microsoft

I played Minecraft and it’s definitely fun to have clear goals. I literally followed a YouTube series that went through everything you could do in Minecraft; it’s great for users that don’t have the patience to go and discover elements. I’m still not sold on the longevity for playing alone — I would like persistent worlds that any users can drop into. I know there are onliner servers, but almost like an MMOG approach. The risk versus reward factor of creations would be part of the appeal, though users abusing creating consistently would be banned. Obviously.

We’ll see what happens with Xbox 360’s Minecraft. It’s amazing yet not surprising the game is again a commercial hit on a new platform. I did enjoy my brief time with the game despite not getting the appeal when it was PC-only.

Minecraft is available now for PC, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android.

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Published: Friday, September 21st, 2012 Last Modified: September 21, 2012

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