Mii avatars, Baby Mario and Online Play Coming in Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Open For 3Ds

Mario Tennis Open isn’t serving up just a purple Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo continues to tease more updates about Mario Tennis Open, and there’s plenty being served up

Some new and old features have been revealed for Mario Tennis Open, the upcoming installment in the Mario Tennis franchise. Among the update is online leaderboards, unlockable characters and even Mii costumes.

Matches and challenges can be exchanged via StreetPass, and victorious players get extra items for the Mii. Victory medals for winning online and a new Ink Showdown game were also revealed by Nintendo.

Along with the Special Games mode, a selection of tennis games for players, gamers will be able to use StreetPass and unlock more characters through gameplay and special QR codes. Whether the QR codes are 3DS-only, or can be recognised on other mobile devices, remains to be seen but it’s likely 3DS-only.

New features

Regarding online player, users can connect and cooperate in local wireless matches. Players can build up their Open Match standings, check the monthly leaderboard and win Victory Medals from every win.

Ink Showdown brings Piranha Plants who spit ink balls from the back of the court; players have to destroy ink balls before they hit the ground while hitting back tennis balls.

StreetPass allows users to take part in StreetPass Matches or co-op Ring Shot challenges with CPU versions of people they meet in StreetPass. Here Mii characters can be used to show off unlocked characters and abilities that improve performance. Some characters can be unlocked via the special QR codes, which includes Baby Mario and Luma.

Mario Tennis Open launches for the Nintendo 3DS on May 20. There’s is also a purple Nintendo 3DS, which has been rumored for a while and was leaked before the announcement. Called the Midnight Purple 3DS, it will retail for $169.99. The 3DS also comes Cosmo Black, Aqua Blue, Flame Red and the Pearl Pink 3DS. The orange 3DS was also another color teased alongside the console’s announcement last year, but that color hasn’t surfaced.

The color had been previously leaked on GameFaqs last month when a user spotted the listing on EB Games. Last weekend, the handheld also leaked on Sam’s Club for $168.58, while it actually retails for $169.99

Published: Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 Last Modified: May 1, 2012

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