Migrating To Windows 8: Why Businesses Should Do It

If your business is considering migrating to Windows 7, you might want to wait for Windows 8!
Microsoft Is Strong With Windows 8 In The Bag

Windows 8 Can Offer Protection That Windows 7 Cannot

ITBusinessEdge has posted an article on why businesses should at least consider some of the invisible advantages that Windows 8 holds for businesses before they decide to deploy Windows 7.

And businesses are thinking of deploying Windows 7 and skipping Windows 8 according to reports that include the likes of Gartner. There are a lot of things against Windows 8, such as the ARM version not being able to run legacy apps. But then, that can actually become the very reason why you should shift to Windows 8 instead.

It is true that Windows 8 on ARM cannot run legacy apps. But that also means that it takes you away from all the viruses and malware designed for that platform. The number of ARM deployments would be so low that it would be too small for a profitable malware attack. The market for that would not become viable for malware authors for years to come. Also, you still get the amazing enterprise support that Microsoft is known for.

For those worried about legacy support, the apps are likely to be about a decade or so old. Even though they are deeply ingrained in to some systems, they have definitely outlived their intended life span. Some of them will be extremely difficult to bring up to date with modern standards. So it is best to let them go.

Windows 8 on ARM also means tablets and in fact Windows 8 is built to be touch-first, which means you can finally introduce tablets at enterprise level. This will again change the fact that everyone in the enterprise yearns to use a tablet for work but cannot due to lack of proper support. With Windows 8, you can finally have tablet in the office and have it completely integrated in to your system.

So over all, if you are working to make sure that your enterprise is future proof — waiting and deploying Windows 8 might stand you in very good stead.

Published: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: January 3, 2012

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