Microsoft’s Zune Receives New Apps And Updates

Zune seems to be hanging in between this life and the afterlife, pending decision by it’s creator. This mostly true for the Microsoft’s Zune hardware.

Zune HD

However, there have suddenly been new additions to the Zune apps collection and that has re-stirred interest in the line.

Nine New Apps And Four Updates: Sum Of Current Zune Efforts

The main reason or reasons behind this newfound interest in Zune are nine new apps in the market for Zune and updates for four existing apps.

Out of the nine new apps, one is a calendar and the other eight are simple games — ColorSpill , Slider Puzzle, , Vine Climb, Splatter Bug, Trash Throw, Decoder Ring, Tug-O-War and Finger Paint. Sounds like a lot of fun for Zune HD owners.

The apps to receive updates are — Penalty! Flick Soccer, Echoes, Zune Slider Puzzle and Email.

No More Dedicated Zune Hardware

Zune HD might just turn out to be Microsoft going out with a bang in the portable media player market segment. They have clearly mentioned that the new Zune devices are the WP7 mobile devices and thus Zunes only actively exists in software form. It does so similarly in the Xbox Live environment too.

Even though Microsoft continues to support the Zune HD line, there are currently 62 apps in the market and the big news is that it has nine new apps.

There’s a pointed lack of activity in the line and that makes it clear that Microsoft’s attention is now somewhere other than on Zune. It is unclear whether the company has decided to merge the platform completely in to other platforms as an entertainment feature but since there’s a lack of dedicated hardware for the line, it cannot be much else.

Published: Saturday, August 6th, 2011 Last Modified: August 6, 2011

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