Microsoft’s Xbox Live Hit By Hackers On Christmas Day

The world of hacking has gotten a lot of attention as of late, and most of it had to circle around a movie and a countries opposition to it. But, on Christmas Day, Sony and Microsoft got attacked by hackers, taking down the Xbox Live system for most of the day, leaving users suffering.

The Christmas Day hacking of both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live were unfortunate events to take place for users, who opened up Xbox and Playstation 4 units to enjoy. The cyberhacking or DDOS attack was done by an online hacking group, leaving users to suffer from the hacking of a few.

Microsoft Gets Xbox Live System Hacked On Christmas Day

Lizard Squad Attacks

According to many reports on Christmas Day, a hacking group by the name of Lizard Squard took down both Xbox Live and Sony’s online systems. They took it down via denial of service attacks, known as DDOS attacks. They took it down for a majority of the day, and left users to not be able to connect to online services for the day.

Microsoft continually updated its Xbox Live status page throughout the day, and updated users via its social media pages as well. There has been no official statement from Microsoft due to the holiday, but their engineers spent most of Christmas Day fixing the system, and trying to ensure its sustainability for the day.

Microsoft Has Xbox Live Hacked By Lizard Squad According To Reports

Hackers Get Day Of Attention

While these hackers enjoyed Christmas Day by hacking the Xbox Live system, Microsoft engineers were hard at work trying to overcome their deeds. They according to reports, rerouted traffic for their systems, and attempted the best to ensure that customers could use it services. It took most of the day but it worked.

This isn’t the first major hacker attack on the Xbox Live system, but for it to occur on Christmas Day, is the most newsworthy attack. Microsoft spends a tremendous amount of money on securing its online system, and allowing it get hacked is a newsworthy event. It’s questionable if you agree with their methods, but it worked.

Christmas Day sucked if you were trying to get a new Xbox One going. But, hopefully its fixed soon, and the hackers go to a new venture.

Published: Sunday, December 28th, 2014 Last Modified: December 28, 2014

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