Microsoft’s Xbox “Durango” Rumor: Console To Include No Disc Drive?

Xbox Durango No Disc DriveMicrosoft are apparently telling partners that the “Durango” Xbox will have no disc drive

Though not officially confirmed, reports suggest the next Xbox will have no disc drive

Microsoft are remaining very quiet on the next Xbox, with external leaks and reports providing information on the 360’s successor. The latest rumour suggests that the next Xbox will have no disc drive.

The report seems to believe that the rumour is true, as Microsoft is sharing the news under the “strictest NDA” that has ever been known to partners.

While there could be no disc drive, Microsoft will instead aim to offer an interchangeable solid-state card storage. It is unknown whether this will be SD format or something else.

As has been suggested many a time, the report says that a 2013 release date has been confirmed. There is no confirmed report on the announcement period, however, though MCV had previously suggested at the beginning of this year that there would be an unveiling at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

A lack of a disc drive would be bad news for the retail industry. Retail giants such as GAME are losing credit and are not able to stock upcoming titles such as Mass Effect 3, though are seeing growing revenue from digital download cards for titles from platforms such as Xbox Live Arcade and for content such as DLC.

Initially, Microsoft shared no word on the rumours. However, the company later issued a statement saying that “We are always thinking about … how to defy the lifecycle convention.”

If true, this could also impact the used games market and retail further as all revenue made from used games goes directly to the retailer, so the lack of discs would mean less money would be made. No disc drive would mean a reliance on previous generations for revenue. It would mean online stores would become increasingly important.

Next Xbox codenamed “Durango”

Along with this latest report suggesting the next Xbox will not include a disc drive, a Crytek developer at a summit meeting in London last month suggested that the codename for the next Xbox will be called “Durango.”

Even though Sean Tracy, a Technical Artist at Crytek, removed the comments shortly after he said he was at a “Durango developers summit in London.”

Published: Saturday, March 10th, 2012 Last Modified: March 20, 2012

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