Microsoft’s Sway Gets Collaborative Tools

Microsoft’s Sway product is being used by more and more people as people start to com up with different uses for the program. From creating business reports, enjoying vacation photos, and more. On Thursday, Microsoft introduced new collaborative tools for Sway, which should help it get into more hands easier.

Sway has been great for individual creators, but bringing in anyone else to your Sway, or letting them edit your Sway project has been impossible. These new updates will change that, and should expand the usage of Sway in groups. Co-authoring is a huge requested feature, and its live with updates starting today.

Microsoft's Sway Gets New Co-Authoring Tools In Latest Update

Inviting Others To Sway

All a user has to do, is click share and select the new add an author icon to create a link, to share the Sway project with another user. It can be shared anywhere, and this makes sharing a lot easier. These types of links can be shared on social media, email, and within organizations making Sway a great tool.

Within a users Sway projects, users can tap or click the shared Sway icon, and see who has access to that Sway. Users can tap or click the My Sways drop-down next to the filter, and just view their own Sway projects. This helps manage which ones are shared Sways, and which ones are just the ones you control on your own.

Microsoft's Sway Lets Users Make Copies Of Sway Projects Like Never Before

Revoking Permissions and Copying Sways

Users can now remove other editors from a Sway project and revoke all edit and view links in that Sway. This is important when someone has been added, and then removed at a later date in the project. Users can click Share, then Need to Revoke Access, and then Revoke All Shared Links from the menu lists.

Lastly, users can now make a copy of their Sway projects. This has been a huge request and now its live to try out. Sometimes a user wants to copy a template or create versions of a presentation, and now they can do that. Users just have to click the Duplicate This Sway, and the new copied Sway project will appear.

I’ve played around with Sway, and think it’s an interesting tool. These new updates will help it, and let groups edit Sways a lot easier and help it grow.

Published: Saturday, April 4th, 2015 Last Modified: April 4, 2015

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