Microsoft’s Skype: Now With Video Messaging, Except for Windows Phone

The Skype program, as owned by Microsoft, came out with a huge improvement of its product on Monday, with the launch of video messages. Now users can send 3 minute video messages to other Skype users for free, and do it across the Skype network.

As Skype is continually transforming in the hands of Microsoft, Monday’s announcement of the video messages addition is clearly going after other video app programs like Oovoo and others. It now gives Skype users the ability to send video voicemails to other users quickly and easily as a Skype user where ever in the world.


Available on Most Platforms

The Skype announcement, as mentioned on the Skype blog is for all platforms with exception of one. The Skype function of Video Messages is available for Windows Desktop, Windows 8, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices and units. The only loner in this story is the Video Messages ability within Skype for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone Has Video Messages: Why Skype?

Microsoft clearly did not want to include Skype Video Messages in the Windows Phone client as it appears. A close Microsoft follower on Zdnet got a quote from a Microsoft spokesperson which clearly indicated that Windows Phone has the ability to send video messages already and that it would let users know later if they intend to include it with a version of Skype.

How Video Messages Work

Skype users can now send Video Messages to one another whether they are online or offline, and up to three minutes at a time. They can also send as many messages as they wish with no limits on the messages. The previous versions of Skype had limited amounts of minutes they could use and view of the Skype video messages.

It’s clear that Microsoft wants to clearly integrate Skype into as many products as it can and it is doing so quickly. This latest addition to Skype will give users a function that they can clearly use between friends, family, and loved ones, and for free it will make Skype an even more treasured program for them to use daily. Who wouldn’t send a video message to their loved one for free daily with Skype?

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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