Microsoft’s Purchase Of Nokia Becomes Official

The long awaited and talked about multi-billion dollar of Nokia for Microsoft has been one that regulators, analysts, and business insiders have talked about for months. Finally on Friday, the purchase went through, and Nokia’s devices and services business joins Microsoft as one unit.

Now, the two companies can officially start working together as one, and create amazing new mobile devices and services for Windows Phones. Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia came as a shock to some when it first occurred, but gives Microsoft so much more power with them on board.

Microsoft's New Hardware Division Chief Stephen Elop Talks About Nokia & Microsoft

Official Responses From Microsoft

On Friday, Microsoft officials were finally allowed to disclose public comments about the purchase of Nokia. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella stated that he welcomes the Nokia Devices and Services business to the Microsoft family. Additionally, their assets with advance transformation and deliver a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Former CEO Stephen Elop, who now becomes head of Microsoft’s hardware division, also had public comments. He stated the the new companies come together as an expanded family, and will unify their passion, dedication, and commitment to what joint technology companies can bring together.

Windows Phones Key To Nokia Purchase For Microsoft

Nokia’s Open Letter

On their conversations site, Stephen Elop stated that the six month journey finally came to an end, by joining Microsoft. Nokia is passionate about building technology and changing the world, with billions of customers using their devices. Nokia thanked their fans on their site, for their passion, their commitment to Nokia, and for using their devices.

Stephen Elop also stated that the rave reviews for the Windows Phones and tablets have exceeded expectations, and they look forward to building new phones with Microsoft in the future. Those include Windows Phones, Asha family of phones, the Nokia X family of devices, and much more. He will also be hosting a public ask me anything on the Conversations page of on April 28, and should be interesting to see his public comments about the two companies coming together.

The purchase of Nokia by Microsoft was needed. Microsoft needed a partner, and Nokia is one heck of a partner.

Published: Saturday, April 26th, 2014 Last Modified: April 26, 2014

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