Microsoft’s Ownership Of Nokia Starts Rough In 2014

Microsoft is still in the process of acquiring Nokia’s mobile devices and services business, and still requires regulatory approval in some parts of the world, but Microsoft’s reach to Nokia is starting to take effect. Slowly, Nokia’s app stores are closing.

On Thursday, Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo app stores closed to users around the world, and this is the first step of Microsoft’s ownership of Nokia, although it isn’t 100% official yet. As these app stores closed, Symbian and MeeGo app store users were left stranded by Nokia and Microsoft (unofficially)

Symbian And MeeGo Apps Face Slow Death In 2014 From Microsoft

What Happened?

As 2014 approached around the world, the Symbian and MeeGo app stores shut off the ability for developers to make changes to any of their apps, or make new ones. The closure of these apps means that Symbian and MeeGo users will have to use their current apps on their phones, and won’t have any updates or new ones for download.

Granted, Microsoft has no market share when it comes to Symbian or MeeGo, but with the purchase of Nokia’s devices and services unit still not 100% complete, users were left a little in the cold. Symbian developers stated a three month period to make changes, and signed off with a Tweet that users and developers heard around the world.

Users Looking For New MeeGo Apps Lose In 2014 From Microsoft

Microsoft’s Role With Nokia’s Devices

The purchase is still under final approval, but this move shows that Microsoft isn’t interested in Nokia’s other businesses for mobile phones. While Nokia has a strong Windows Phone involvement, its other Symbian and MeeGo projects are seen as non essential by Microsoft, and users with those phones around the globe are left wondering.

Developers of the current state of apps can self host these apps for updating, but that won’t please many users. Microsoft is acquiring the Asha and Windows Phone programs with Nokia, and expectedly as soon as the purchase goes final. Symbian is a operating system that has had its day, and more modern phone OS systems are needed, and these two aren’t them. But, Microsoft is showing its hand with this move, and is gearing to make 2014 an interesting one for mobile phones.

I remember using Symbian on my Nokia phone and it was fine. The new Windows Phone 8 system though clearly wins.

Published: Friday, January 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: January 3, 2014

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