Microsoft’s Next Android Lock Screen Gets Updates

For those Android users who haven’t had a chance to try out the Microsoft Next Lockscreen, they are truly missing out on a cool product. On Monday, Microsoft and Nokia issued updates for the lock screen product, which adds music and messaging support.

The newest updates to the Microsoft Next Lockscreen went live on the Google Play Store on Monday, and add valuable updates to a lockscreen that outdoes its competitors in many ways. The updates make using Android easier, and adds valuable functionality to the app for Android.

Microsoft Updates Android Next Lock Screen App

Music and Messaging Updated

One of the first things that was added to the lockscreen app from Microsoft, is the addition of Music Player Controls. Users with Android OS versions 4.3 and above will be able to take advantage of these updates. This means that listening to music and abilities to control music will be easier to access.

Next, MMS or Multimedia Messaging Support including notifications, will now appear on the lock screen. This makes it much easier for those who get a ton of MMS messages, and this means that these messages will be viewable to readable on the lock screen. This means easier message viewing on Android.

Microsoft's Android Lock Screen App Gets Music And Messaging Updates

Messaging and More Updates Added

On the Next lockscreen app, Microsoft also added more instant messaging support. Users can now receive instant messaging notifications for applications like Skype, Line, and Google Hangouts. The Google Hangouts update will also require Android OS 4.3 and above, and that alone is a big update.

Lastly, the Microsoft Lock Screen app got the ability to toggle mobile data from the lock screen. Users can turn on and turn off mobile data with a single app and that makes it easier for those controlling data usage. Other updates including improved performance, memory usage, and bug fixes were also added as well.

I love the Microsoft Lock Screen app for Android. I use it daily, and love the updates released for it today.

Published: Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 Last Modified: January 21, 2015

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