Microsoft’s New Email Approach Expands: Goodbye Hotmail, Hello Outlook!

Outlook Sign In Form_ll Microsoft have taken the final step with their migration to by announcing that the 300 million active Hotmail accounts will be “upgraded” to the new email platform. was already the fasted growing email service and there have been many updates and announcements in the last few months including features like a refreshed app for Android and upcoming Skype functionality.

Outlook Sign In Form.png continues to expand

The news that the upgrading of existing Hotmail customers is complete means that the number of active has risen to over 400 million. The process involved over 150 petabytes of data been migrated between the email platforms.
The new look means no more large display adds along with a more streamlined UI. Information is organised based on what’s most important and Microsoft have attempted to make the entire platform as fast and intuitive as possible. There will also be deeper SkyDrive integration as files and pictures used will include a thumbnail with links for direct access with permission. Users will not need to change their email address, password or settings to access the new email service.

The feedback so far

Many users have been pleased with the new streamlined UI along with the fresh “Windows 8 “ look of the new email service. In general the interface has been met with a good reception.

The additional functionality of SkyDrive and upcoming Skype calls has also been greeted with a positive response however many are noting that this is not an entirely new feature as Google have been incorporating their Google Drive platform with their Gmail service for quite a while.

The king is dead. Long live the King! was the one of the first free email services when it launched in 1997. Microsoft will be hoping that with their migration to the revamped and upgraded platform that they will be able to reassert themselves as the number one free email provider haven recently been taken over by Gmail.

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Published: Saturday, May 4th, 2013 Last Modified: May 4, 2013

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