Microsoft’s Isn’t Making A Windows Phone, Despite Rumors

Ll_microsoft Not Working On Own Windows Phone 150Pxp Rumors from The China Times recently suggested Microsoft is developing a Windows Phone devices, but that may not be the case


Microsoft’s own Windows Phone smartphone isn’t happening according to analysts; would it make sense?

The original rumour said the device was four months into development with a view to released in the first half of 2013. The news seemed strange for a couple of a reasons: first, Windows Phone is probably going to launch later this year. Second, Nokia and HTC are launching Windows Phone 8 devices this November. Did Microsoft not want to conflict with partners as it did with Surface?

Analysts seem to think building a device would be a last-resort bid to resurrect Windows Phone. IHS Screen Digest analyst Ian Fogg said to TechCrunch the company could risk driving partners away. Assuming the device happens, of course. Microsoft denied rumors previously, though that’s worth taking with skepticism due to Microsoft not announcing anything publicly based on rumors.

Also, how much would Microsoft gain from its own phone? Unlike Surface, where the company set the barometer for design, Nokia and HTC have built compelling products. Hardware needs to be striking to differentiate. With Windows users will be available to control the experience, particularly the desktop side, though on Windows Phone the Modern UI is the only user interface. Customizing the colors and sizes of tiles won’t provide a long-running USP for Microsoft.

Too Risky?

Windows Phone 8 is also less proven than Windows. Regardless of the reaction to Windows 8, million of consumers will use the operating system. Millions of consumers may not use Windows Phone 8, even if it does have promise. Building a device for an unproven operating system seems like a risky bet for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s betting on developers adopting Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The similar user interfaces on the operating systems means developing apps of both operating system should be straightforward. Microsoft allows developers to simultaneously build apps because of that.

Windows Phone 8’s release date is yet to be announced.

Published: Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 Last Modified: October 3, 2012

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