Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Expands Into Japan

If there is one thing that the cloud has taught Microsoft, its global expansion and local availability of its services. As Azure has expanded to over 19 regions around the globe, the need to get into more by the day grows. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the latest with Dynamics CRM in Japan.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM may not be the sexiest of software in the world, but for businesses and enterprises, its a huge tool for their survival. Now, enterprise customers and businesses in Japan can increase sales productivity and more featuring Dynamics CRM in Japan.

Microsoft Announces Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Hosted In Japan

Microsoft Dynamics CRM In Japan

Starting today, Microsoft is launching locally hosted versions of Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in Japan. These two large enterprise programs will give companies and businesses in Japan the ability to host data within their country, and not fear that data will be of less security in other countries.

With Office 365 launching in Japan, Microsoft has rolled out 150 different new features to make sure it fits the countries needs. The Dynamics CRM product as well has gotten a number of updates to ensure country localization occurs. The business apps will help customer service, marketing, sales, and other parts of companies in Japan succeed in the cloud.

Microsoft's Hosted Japan Data Centers Will Keep Data In Country Safely

Azure Hosted In Japan

To make this work and succeed in Japan, Microsoft has two data centers in Japan, that will be ready to roll when it opens. They are called Japan East and Japan West. The local hosting will allow financial service companies, healthcare, and governments to host data in their own country, and not fear from it being hosted elsewhere.

With current customers who host their data with Office 365 in other countries, Microsoft has committed to bring their data to Japan to host inside the country. Customers will get a six week notice, and Microsoft will make sure that it gets the data from one server farm to another, making sure it doesn’t go down at all. Microsoft has 1,500 partners and business partners in Japan, and with these partners they are making sure that companies stay with them, and not go with other companies.

Japan is huge for Microsoft, and they know it. By hosting Office 365 and Dynamics CRM there, they can please companies there quickly and securely.

Published: Thursday, November 13th, 2014 Last Modified: November 13, 2014

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