Microsoft’s Cloud Vision Event Scheduled For October 20th

In a bold move, Microsoft announced a rather abrupt event for the press later this month in San Francisco. Just coming off the major Windows 10 unveiling, the goal of the October 20th event, is strictly about the cloud, labeled “What’ Ahead For Microsoft’s Cloud”.

For Microsoft to be holding two major events in two months, is likely unheard of in the past regime. Now, Satya Nadella and Scott Guthrie are expected to talk for an hour, outlining the vision for Microsoft’s cloud goals, and tell the press and analysts their visions.

Microsoft Holding October 20th 2014 Event For The Cloud

Live and Webcast

For many of the press, the thought of coming across the country to hear about Microsoft’s cloud vision might have been a painful trip. Luckily, Microsoft will be holding the event both live in San Francisco, and via a webcast live on the Microsoft News Center, meaning lots of travel will not be required for many.

What will make this type of press show and analyst show different, is that its more about the goals and future of Microsoft versus a enterprise play only, like Windows 10. It’s goal is to show off how its different than the other cloud competitors and where they are spending their billions of dollars to invest in the cloud.

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie To Headline October 20th Cloud Event In San Francisco

What Will Be Discussed

While many aren’t certain on the specific topics that will be discussed, ideas aroud the enterprise and business customers that they want to pull away from Amazon and Google. It could be about Intune, it could include the latest additions to the Azure system, and could cover brand new material that hasn’t made its way across the rumor mills of Microsoft.

With all the latest updates to Azure, Microsoft is surely making the cloud a major bet, and is making the cloud a great thing for enterprise and business customers. This event is going to be a major one for the press and analysts, and will surely keep those who follow Microsoft and the cloud close by their computers. From Azure, to Insight, and maybe more, this October 20th event will be a big one for the cloud and Microsoft.

I’m looking forward to this event. It will be huge for the cloud and Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 Last Modified: October 8, 2014

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