Xbox One vs Sony Playstation 4: Who Is The Winner?

Xbox One Day One Edition Earlier this week, Microsoft and Sony had press conferences where they detailed their video game and entertainment consoles for later this year. The two different devices though have gamers, entertainment experts, and many consumers scratching their ears and shaking their heads on Microsoft and Sony’s moves.

With the Xbox One and Playstation 4 details announced this week, consumers now have the details surrounding the estimate release dates, prices and game playing details of both consoles. The two units though have vast differences that both Microsoft and Sony should be battling with for the next few months.


Price: Oh the Price

The Microsoft Xbox One was announced Monday to have a $499 price when it is released later in November, while the Sony Playstation 4 on late Monday night announced the $399 price point for its unit. Experts and consumers on forums are saying Microsoft is overpricing its unit by going out the door at $499 for the device, while gamers love the lower $399 price of the PS4.

Used Games and Internet Connections

The biggest concerns surrounding the Xbox One are detailing with the once per 24 hour Internet connection it needs and also the questionable details surrounding used games and the ability to use them on the Xbox One. Microsoft stated that the Xbox One will need a connection at least once per 24 hours and used games are licensed to the user only. Sony on the other hand stated that games can be traded or leased and doesn’t care how the gams are used on multiple systems.

Services Almost Identical Among Platforms

What makes the Microsoft Xbox One and Playstation 4 similar though are the specs around the unit. Both feature high end processors, full hard drives full of capacity, Internet connectivity, Blu-Ray players, and plenty of online services that should keep consumers busy. The Xbox One will have its large ecosystem of games, services and more for a monthly fee, but Playstation continues to offer its online system for no charge, with exception of its Playstation Plus program.

Does Microsoft win or does Sony win? It is too early to tell, but the early win goes to Sony on this one. Microsoft has angered many consumers and gamers with the price and used game policy, and hopefully will set the record straight in the next few months.

Published: Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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