Microsoft Xbox One Used Game Announcements Made Finally

On Thursday, Microsoft finally came out with their statements regarding used games and squashed any fees about them in a statement.

With its announcement, Microsoft stated that they don’t make any fees as part of a third party publisher’s support of game resales or anything of that sort. They stated that third party game publishers are able to let customers give games to their friends, and are exploring the rental or loaning program on the Xbox One. This finally ends any speculation about Microsoft charging fees for used games or anything of the sore.

Xbox One Settings, Privacy and Loan Policies Discussedmsft

Give Games To Friends

Microsoft in its announcement has stated that you are able to give games to friends. With this, you must be friends with your friend for more than 30 days, and each game can only be given once to that friend. Whether or not they can given to a third person is unclear by the statement.

Online Check In System of The Xbox One

The Xbox One will check to verify that the game is legit and not pirated when booting up initially by the Xbox One. in addition, the check-in process will be needed every 24 hours when on your home console on the Xbox One. The check-in procedure done by the Xbox One will ensure that your system has the games, needs any updates, and so on. If games require a connection to the cloud, it also may require a connection to the Internet and world.

Privacy Concerns Addressed

The Kinect is required by the Xbox One, and the announcement by Microsoft stated that the “Xbox On” can be disabled when needed. Various privacy policies and settings are set to be rolled out when the system launches as well.

One of the other concerns not addressed by the Microsoft Xbox One and its connectivity issues was also about the military users of it. Numerous gadget blogs and tech columns asked Microsoft about the military players and how they aren’t connected to the Internet at all times. Microsoft didn’t make any announcements about that, and stated further announcements will be made in the future.

Overall, Microsoft announced further updates on the Xbox One that users wanted to know, wanted to get the facts straight about, and now have more details, and the upcoming E3 will unveil even more in the days ahead.

Published: Friday, June 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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