Download Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope 2010

Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope has been updated recently with 13,000 pictures of Mars.

Microsoft World Wide Telescope Download

Microsoft seems to be even more interested in space and space exploration than Google – Paul Allen for example donated about $13.5 million to SETI who are dreaming of an array of 350 antennas to observe space and search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Since his donation the array is known as the “Allen Telescope Array” (ATA). Kudos to Microsoft and Paul Allen!

Your own virtual telescope
Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope is basically a virtual telescope that allows you to explore the outer space for yourself. You can scout the space, explore nebulae, galaxy collisions, super novas and all planets that have been recorded by major telescopes around the globe. If you are scared by all the rumors about Nibiru, you can even go on a hunt for the mysterious planet – the so called Planet X. However, there are probably better things to explore than Nibiru, since there is no scientific evidence for such a planet anyway. All the high-definition pictures of Mars, that have been added in cooperation with NASA, are worth a space tour!

Download World Wide Telescope Client
You can download Microsoft’s World Wide Telescope at

WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world. Experience narrated guided tours from astronomers and educators featuring interesting places in the sky.

Things to explore:

Explore space nebulae:
Helix Nebulae

Explore the different types of galaxies:

Explore supernovas recorded by the Hubble telescope:
Giant Hubble Supernova

Published: Monday, July 19th, 2010 Last Modified: July 19, 2010

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