Microsoft With Black Friday Deals and December Games With Gold

As the holidays approach, Microsoft is more than just a software and hardware company. They are aware of Black Friday and December sales, and love to offer deals. They announced on Thursday, new Red Stripe deals and December Games With Gold.

The Red Stripe Deals are great deals via the Windows Store, that fans of software should definitely take advantage of early. Xbox 360 and Xbox One fans with Xbox Live Gold should score big with count it 5 free games coming in December.

Microsoft Puts Popular Game Back To Bed On Red Stripe Sale

Red Stripe Specials

The first big game that Microsoft is giving its fans is Back To Bed. It’s usually a $3.99 game but is being sold for $0.99. It’s a fan and 3D puzzle filled game, and is a quick purchase for those looking to have fun and escape.

Secondly, Microsoft is offering GRIDD 2 at only 99 cents. It’s a sequel to a Windows Phone game and is great deal. QR Scanner + is also a 99 cents program this week, and Microsoft is also offering The Bridge, Tile Rider, and Grim Legends 2 on sale.

Microsoft Gives 5 Free Games To Xbox Live Gold

December Games With Gold

Along with the Red Stripe Deals, Microsoft also announced the new Games With Gold for December. Xbox 360 and Xbox One fans will get a total of five games to download during the month, and these games are great games to try out for free.

Microsoft is making The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and Thief available for the Xbox One. The Xbox 360 gets CastleStorm, Sacred 3, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising up for free. Check Xbox Live for their release dates for the free downloads.

Games and software often are great deals during the holidays. Grab these deals and take home five free games on the Xbox in December

Published: Friday, November 27th, 2015 Last Modified: November 27, 2015

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