Microsoft Wallet Becomes Microsoft Pay In Windows 10

Microsoft is often changing its framework of Windows 10, and adjusting how it handles payments within the operating system. Recent updates have shown that Microsoft Wallet is a thing of the past.

In the most recent Windows 10 builds, more and more people are starting to see Microsoft Pay pop up in the ecosystem. This makes sense as Microsoft Wallet was somewhat unused.

Microsoft Rebrands Microsoft Wallet To Microsoft Pay

Microsoft Pay

What users will start to see with Windows 10, is the transition of Microsoft Wallet to Microsoft Pay. The rebranding of Microsoft Pay has been since the Creators Update, but users aren’t using it much.

Microsoft Pay is a new set of payments framework built within Windows 10, and Microsoft has setup a test site for developers to try out. It’s a fully setup site, and is meant to get Windows 10 users using it.

Microsoft Pay Will Become Windows 10 Payment Ecosystem

Windows Phone Payments No More

Microsoft had been using the Microsoft Wallet payment framework in its Windows Phone and previous Windows releases, so the new name might throw people for a change. But, Windows Phone didn’t have much traction, so thats a help.

Many other tech companies have been changing their payment names, like Apple and Google. By naming it Microsoft Pay, Microsoft might be able to get people paying for things over Windows 10 more often.

Microsoft Pay appears here to stay. It’s a new rebranding of Microsoft Wallet, so stay tuned for updates.

Published: Thursday, November 16th, 2017 Last Modified: November 16, 2017

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