Microsoft Upgrades Task Manager In Windows 8

Microsoft has released a new version of task manager that is simpler and more user-friendly.
default view of Windows 8 task manager

New Windows 8 Task Manager Simpler To Use

Microsoft has released a redesigned task-manager for Windows 8. It combines two different views — a simplified view and a more detailed view. The simplified view is similar what Mac OS X users see when they bring up the ‘Force Quit’ box. It has the names of the programs running and if something is not responding, it says so in red text right beside it. At the lower left corner, there’s a small button for revealing more details of the system.

Once the more details is clicked, the task manager shows programs and processes in logical groups. For example, all background processes are shown under a group. If a program is running multiple processes, those processes are grouped together.

process tab of windows 8 task manager

One more improvement that the task manager has gone through is having more natural, understandable names for processes. Instead of showing you the name of the file that is running, it will show you what it is running for. For example, instead of ‘crypticnumbers.exe’ it will tell you it that it is running a ‘device driver for printer’. This makes it immensely simpler for non-advanced users to understand and manage the processes running on their systems.

Another useful advanced feature is a simple color-coded (heat map style) status indicator for various gauges like CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. The heat map goes from light yellow to red to show the seriousness of the load. This way you can spot the problem faster. So if a program is suddenly demanding 71% of total CPU usage, you will know immediately when you look at the advanced view in the task manager.

More Efficient And Easy To Use Design

These improvements reiterate the ‘at a glance’ ease of Windows 8. All information is properly organized and even color coded for you to process it better with just a cursory glance.

In addition to all the other improvements, there’s now a link on the contextual menu to ‘search the web’. This allows you to search for information on that specific process and understand what it is doing on your system.

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Published: Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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