Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Sticky Apps Note

There are quite a few notetaking apps for Windows 10, and many of them serve different purposes. Sticky Notes is just one of those must have types of apps, and the app has gotten nice updates with its latest version.

The Windows 10 Sticky Apps app has hit version and the latest version adds a few new features and bug fixes to the mix. The updates though easily make this fun utility a must download.

Create Bulleted Lists With Sticky App Update

Sticky Notes Updates

The latest version of the Sticky Apps app now supports bulleted lists, and by typing a “*” and hitting “Space” at the start of a line auto-converts to a bullet. This is a big update for those who use the app a lot.

Secondly, for users who are using the app on the Fall Creators Update, a new maps view is shown when opening address insights. This might just be something for certain users, but it still matters to many.

Transform Sticky Notes With Windows 10 Update

Bug Fixes & More

The app also won’t annoy you with notifications to upgrade, and only will ask those to upgrade when the app has super special features to update to. The long notes laying around also will get a little faster with the update.

Lastly, the app has gotten a lot of bug fixes from the developers, and that should make the app run faster, slicker, and more efficiently. For a great free app, these bug fixes mean a lot.

Do you use Sticky Notes on Windows 10? Let us know and if you love the update.

Published: Saturday, December 16th, 2017 Last Modified: December 16, 2017

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