Microsoft Updates Skype For iPhone To 6.6

Whether you are making phone calls to loved ones, sending instant messages to colleagues, or sending a video call on your iPhone, Skype powers it all. On Monday, Microsoft updated the iPhone version of Skype, which will improve multitasking for many users.

One of the many complaints about the iPhone Skype app, was the lagging of its ability to multitask and that has been fixed with this update. Doing more than one thing at a time is more common than ever, and now the iPhone and iPad versions got better at it.

Skype Updated To Version 6.6 For iPhone and iPad

Multitasking Easier

Now, all a user has to do is see the highlighted phone numbers, addresses, times and dates. Users can tap the highlighted area to start an action, and then that will take the user to a phone call, address, or more if desired.

Additionally, by happing on a highlighted date, now the user will be taken to the calendar app, and users can set up an appointment based on that date. A Skype URL will be added in the calendar notes as well if the user wants it.

Microsoft Makes Multitasking Easier With Skype Update

Multitasking and Not Missing A Beat

Users also will be able to get back into an active Skype audio or video call easier than ever. Users can tap the active call banner and it will take them back into the call. The same goes for instant messages and the user will be taken to the conversation.

The newest versions of Skype for the iPhone and iPad have been updated to version 6.6, and are available from the Apple Store. These are major updates to the app for both platforms and should please those who use Skype on a day to day basis.

Skype got much better on Monday. Multitasking has been lagging, and now its simple and easy to do.

Published: Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 Last Modified: November 24, 2015

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