Microsoft Updates Santa Tracker For Holidays

One of the most fun ways that technology is used during the month of December, has nothing to do with purchasing gifts and making sure the latest gadgets are released. It’s the Santa Tracker, and on Tuesday, Microsoft announced updates to the Santa Tracker web site for all to enjoy at Christmas.

The Santa Tracker web site is a joint effort between Microsoft and NORAD, and is the ultimate source of Santa fun as Christmas approaches. The site has been vastly updated since last year, and includes updates such as Bing Maps, mobile optimization, and other things to track Santa this holiday season.

Microsoft Updates Santa Tracking Web App For Christmas Season

New Santa Web Site

Microsoft worked with Norad to make the new Santa Tracker web site a lot more useful for children and adults. It’s been redone as part of Microsoft’s Rethink campaign, and has a new set of games, improved performance, and is optimized for mobile devices. This way, Santa can be tracked from any mobile device around.

The Santa Tracker web site has been redone in the spirit of Claymation, and includes touch optimization as well. It can be rotated to see the entire Santa’s village area, and users can use the 3D maps with Bing Maps to see where he is. Fun stops, facts, and songs are included to make the Santa experience a ton more useful for all ages.

Microsoft Uses Mobile Optimization To Redo Santa NORAD Site

Santa and NORAD History

Microsoft teamed up with NORAD to relaunch the Santa Tracker web site and it’s one of the most popular sites around the Christmas season. It was initially done by NORAD engineers with time on their hands, and has become the source of Santa tracking across the web. Now, it’s mobile ready, and perfect using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is showing off the power of Internet Explorer with this relaunch, and showing the capabilities of Internet Explorer as well. It is very graphic intensive, but Internet Explorer is able to handle it with ease. It’s multimedia, touch, and mobile features make it a must see destination from Microsoft and Santa this season.

I love this site from NORAD. I love that Microsoft updated it and its mobile friendly now.

Published: Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: December 3, 2014

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