Microsoft Updates Band With Software Improvements

The Microsoft Band has gotten off to a somewhat rocky start, as Microsoft launched th Microsoft Band to get into the wearables market. Some like it, some not so, but updates were expected. On Monday, Microsoft issued a series of updates, making the Microsoft Band somewhat more usable.

Microsoft added a number of new things to the Band, adding insights, integration, and updates to the unit. It is hoped that with the amount of updates that the Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health are getting, more users will try it out, and see how effective the Microsoft Band can be for them.

Msft Bandfebupdates


This week, Microsoft is expected to launch their new Microsoft Health portal, and this portal will be the home where Microsoft Band collects your health information. Users can then examine their health & fitness data from the web. The dashboard will provide relevant information for those tracking their fitness.

Automation for information including calorie intake, calorie burning, and sleep charts will also be introduced with the launch of this web portal. The web component of Microsoft Band has been greatly wanted and needed, and something that Microsoft needed to deliver. They have done that this week for many.

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Features and Integration

Microsoft is adding new fitness and productivity options, and the first update will include a cycling tile. It will have guided workouts, record times, have integrated GPS coordinates, and give cyclists a great reason to try out the Microsoft Band. This will be one of many future integrations with the Band.

Lastly, the Microsoft Band will be able to integrate with Map My Fitness and the Microsoft HealthVault. Both of these services let users share information with their healthcare providers, and connect with other fitness apps out there. These should also make the Microsoft Band more useful for many.

The Microsoft Band is getting nice updates. Now, maybe people will try it out and enjoy it.

Published: Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 Last Modified: February 24, 2015

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