Microsoft Updates Android Apps To Please Android Users

Microsoft in a wierd way of doing it, has become a major Android player in the mobile workplace of today. It’s cross platform appraoch to developing has it with numerous Android apps in the market. Monday marked updates to some of them, including a lock screen app and a voice search app, plus OneDrive.

Microsoft is eagerly telling Android users that it is not just about Windows anymore, and they are building apps for all platforms, from Android to iOS. The newest updates though show their commitment to Android, and are subtle updates to what makes the partnership so nice between Android and Microsoft.

Microsoft Updates Multiple Android Apps In Update

Lock Screen Plus Voice Search App

Microsoft has created one of the better lock screen apps on the Google Play Store, and it has done it silently and without a ton of press attention. It updated the app on Monday, with allowing users to include weather conditions, their own photo during the lock-screen, and a number of other features. It’s free and available now.

The other Android app of choice is their Android voice search app, called Torque. It’s another silent app in the market place, and will work on any Android phone with Android 4.3 or higher. It previously required an Android smart-watch, but now works without it. Questions and answers plus flight updates are also available with it.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive For Android For Users

Android Updates OneDrive App

The other major update from Microsoft for Android came with the update to the OneDrive app for users. It now allows for push notifications for shared files and folders to their device, which makes it a ton easier for group sessions and teams. Users can also create custom pin code timeouts and thumbnails for Business files.

All of these updates for the Android app make it a lot easier to navigate and easier to use, both for individuals and groups. The thumbnail support for business files will enable users to separate files for personal and business, and makes it a lot more stable. It’s available now from the Google Play Store.

I use Android and love these updates. I’ve tried them all and use the lock screen daily.

Published: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 Last Modified: December 9, 2014

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