Microsoft Unveils The Surface 3

The Surface line of products from Microsoft has been very successful, but its more with their Surface Pro line of products where the success has been seen. Earlier Surface RT units haven’t fared so well, so Microsoft on Tuesday changed that, and introduced the Surface 3.

The Surface 3 isn’t supposed to be thought of as a replacement to the Surface Pro 3, but a next generation Surface tablet and system. Microsoft has ditched the Atom processor, thrown in the Intel processor, and made the price-point $499, which should get a lot of interest from users.

Microsoft Announces The Surface 3 Tablet

What Is The Surface 3?

The Surface 3 is the next generation tablet from Microsoft, but it runs the complete Windows line of products and software. It is 8.7mm thin, only 1.37 pounds, and has a 10.8-inch screen. It has a 3:2 aspect ratio, and has a multi touch screen and pen surface for users.

It features a front and rear-facing camera, 1080p video abilities, features a Micro USB charger, and is quite a sexy device. It even features the kickstand which made the Surface Pro 3 shine in commercials, and is perfect for those looking to recline with it, or read textbooks.

Microsoft Shows Off Type Covers For New Surface 3 Units

A True PC Inside

What separates the Surface 3 from its previous Surface RT and Surface 2 RT predecessors, is the ability to run 64-bit Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 software. It doesn’t need to be the unit that sort of runs Windows, but can run any program on Windows. This means a great portable tablet PC.

Microsoft is making the Surface 3 Type Cover and Surface 3 Docking Station available to the Surface 3, which will transform the Surface 3 into a desktop replacement for some as well. All of this, plus the Quad-Core Intel Axom x7 processor means the Surface 3 is a mean machine for a great price.

I love that Microsoft did this with the Surface line. It’s a great next step for the Surface line, and a great $499 price for Windows tablets that rock.

Published: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 Last Modified: April 1, 2015

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