Microsoft Unveils Sub $200 Laptop By Holidays

It’s a pretty known fact in the tech world, that Google’s Chromebook is gaining sales by the day, and with that, Microsoft is losing customers. On Monday, Microsoft at its Worldwide Partner Conference announced details about a sub $200 laptop due by the holiday season.

The plans, as described by Microsoft’s COO Kevin Turner, talked about the companies partner HP and its goal to bring a low cost laptop. In addition to the sub $200 laptop, two others were announced at under $250 which will help makers battle low cost Chromebooks.

Microsoft Battles Google Chromebooks This Holiday Season

Multiple Holiday Laptops

The first laptop that was announced was the HP $199 laptop. The HP “stream” device as its known is all about delivering a full blown laptop to the masses at the holiday season at under $200. It will not have a ton of thrills and whistles, but at under $200 it certainly can be afforded by many for the holidays.

Additionally, Microsoft also announced two other laptops. Acer and Toshiba announced two new sub $250 laptops. Acer is expected to ship a $249 laptop with a 15.6-inch screen. Toshiba’s version will have a 11.6-inch display. Both devices will have Intel’s Celeron processor inside, which has proven to be a bargain chip processor.

Microsoft's Partners Join Up To Battle Google's Chromebooks From Toshiba & Others

Smaller PC’s Announced As Well

In addition to the laptops announced at Microsoft’s Partner Conference, Kevin Turner also announced that HP will be coming out with new 7-inch and 8-inch “Stream” pc’s for only $99 come the holidays. Not a lot of details were announced on these machines, but at under $100 it could be a perfect 2nd or 3rd PC for many, and a great deal.

These moves show that Microsoft is going against Google and fighting them at the holiday shopping season. The holiday’s are all about bargains and low cost computers, and giving users a sub $250 laptop or sub $100 PC can be the killer gift. They are fully loaded Windows machines according to reports, and should be best sellers on Amazon and other shopping sites. More should be known later this year.

Microsoft has to fight the Chromebook. With these additions, the war has just begun.

Published: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 Last Modified: July 16, 2014

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