Microsoft Unveils Office 365 Video

Video is being used more and more across the world, and in the business world its being used a lot more as well. Office 365 is a perfect platform that could use video, and has been rumored to have it soon. On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled Office 365 Video, which will be a nextgen portal, that will revolutionize the Office 365 world.

One can think of many things that Office 365 video could be, but the initial rollout of Office 365 video for enterprise and business customers, is meant to house videos and content. It will be more of a presentation portal for companies looking to show off their videos in their company, but can serve as much more if done right.

Microsoft Shows Off Office 365 Video With Yammer Integration

Making It Easy

The first thing that Office 365 Video will do, is make it easy to post, share, and discover video content. It could be the CEO’s message to employees, it could be a way to showcase training videos, and could be a starting point for companies to show off videos. It can be a lot of things, and its just the beginning.

Users just have to upload a video with the Office 365 video interface, and it gets loaded up right away. It makes the videos very search friendly, and the videos are able to be find in Office Delve as well. The videos can be embedded into Yammer, and shared via the enterprise social media tools as well, making it a great business video sharing solution.

Office 365 Video Goes Mobile With Latest Microsoft Offering For Business Users

Very Mobile and Security Conscious

The new Office 365 for video will have very fancy mobile tools built into it as well, and will allow business employees and users to view videos on it with their mobile device. It’s just the beginning, and the mobile video interfaces will make for video sharing on almost any device. It’s still at the beginning stages though as noted by Microsoft.

Lastly, the permissions and security levels for Office 365 Video are high up on the wanted list, and will be given to business customers to use. It will have the active directory power authentication of Office 365, allow for channels to be viewed by certain users, and allow for all videos to be encrypted as well. Making the video experience very secure.

Office 365 Video has a ton of potential. It’s still early, but it looks awesome.

Published: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 Last Modified: November 19, 2014

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