Microsoft Unveils Newest Preview Version Of Windows 10

During its big Build show in San Francisco on Wednesday, Microsoft shared a ton of news with its developers and press in attendence. Many got overwhelmed with the amount of news, but were treated to a surprise. Microsoft unveiled the newest preview version of Windows 10 to attendees.

It hasn’t been long since the last version of Windows 10 got released via the its Insider Program. The unveiling of this latest version came out with some familiar aspects for users, but also gave them a number of new features. Aero Glass and upgraded Cortana features highlight the list.

Microsoft Updates Latest Windows 10 Build For Build Show

New Aero Glass Is Back

One of the most surprising things that Microsoft brought back with the newest preview of Windows 10, is the Aero Glass design. This was included in Windows 7, but dropped from Windows 8. The addition of it to Windows 10 was a result of users wanting it back, and installing it with ease.

In order for the Windows 10 team to test this feature with the large group of testers, it is being included in half of those who install it. One half of them will see the Start menu and task bar in their regular Windows 10 mode, and the other half will see the Aero effect, which is more like a frosted glass effect some say.

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10074 Screenshot Via Winbeta Leak

Cortana Improved With Continuum Added

Secondly, the Cortana experience got a big upgrade, and also got a big visual refresh. Now, as the user starts to type the word or app, the virtual assistant named Cortana, can answer questions for them. Also included are updates featuring time zones, weather, flight status, unit conversions, and Bing Answers.

Third, Continuum was finally added to the build of Windows 10. It will be shown off on the desktop, and will allow users so go directly from the desktop, to the tablet, and soon to the phone. Other updates include music and video app updates, a new Windows Store, and a lot of other features worth trying.

Download the latest version of Windows 10 if you are an Insider. If not, join today to try it out for free.

Published: Thursday, April 30th, 2015 Last Modified: April 30, 2015

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