Microsoft Unveils New Version Of Windows 10

One of the more exciting things about the Windows 10 process has been the development of the product on its ongoing builds. On Friday, Microsoft let loose of their newest version, a version 11102 in the fast ring.

The ‘fast ring’ is available to Microsoft Windows Insiders in their test program, and gives them access to the latest Windows 10 updates. The new update updated Edge Browsing and a few more features.

Microsoft Gives Edge Browser History Menu In Insider Update

Edge Browser Gets History Menu

One of the most visual updates for this version of Windows 10, is the addition of the History Menu for the Edge browser. Users have been wanting this update, and Microsoft is finally giving it to them.

The new history menu in Edge, will give users the users their sites visited with the Windows 10 exclusive browser, and that has been a huge thing that has been missing from previous builds of Windows 10.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 But With Lingering Bugs Known

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Windows 10 though with this version still has bugs. Some known ones include PC games crashing when going from Windowed mode to full screen. This could affect more popular games with Windows 10 users.

Additionally, Narrator, Magnifier, and assistive technologies are having issues with this build. A WsClient.dll error is popping up, and lastly a wireless card issue is present.

This version of Windows 10 has bug fixes and bugs. It’s recommended to update only with test machines I think.

Published: Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 Last Modified: January 27, 2016

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