Microsoft Unveils New Photo App For Android

It’s no secret that Microsoft is cross developing its services and apps for more than just the Windows system. Android has become a huge market for the company, and on Wednesday, Microsoft showed off its latest tool. Xim is a new photo sharing app that gives Android users fun ways to share photos.

Xim is a new app developed internally by Microsoft, and its a pretty interesting app for photo sharing on Android. It goes up against the big players like Instagram and others, and is a cute way to show off pictures and share them on Android.

Microsoft Launches Xim For Photo Sharing Fans

Xim Now Available

Microsoft launched Xim on the Windows Phone Store, Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. This cross platform availability means that users of all platforms can share photos with Xim. Users can choose their photos, pictures from their camera roll, Instagram, Facebook, or OneDrive. This will ensure that photos from all different online sources can be shared.

By giving users a simple way to share photos with others, Xim will become a must have for photo sharing fans. It’s one of the hottest niches of the mobile market, and friends and family are always looking for new ways to show off vacation photos, baby pictures, travel pictures, and more. Users can find others via name, phone number, or email.

Microsoft Makes Photo Sharing Easy With New Mobile App Xim

Sharing Photos Made Easy

With Xim, users can load up photos and then swipe, pan, and zoom them for each photo on every device. For example, friends and family can show off recent trip photos easily to all users at a dinner table, and show how cute they look in new ways on Xim, and on all the various phone platforms.

The Xim product is a new product from Microsoft and was developed via its Microsoft Research FUSE labs. Its the group at Microsoft that has put together Socl, Kodu, and other products, and comes out with products that one wouldn’t normally associate with Microsoft. It’s a revolutionary photo sharing product, and free from Microsoft. The program is free, and is fun to share photos with at any age.

I’ve played with Xim, and its an interesting app. I will try it out more, and see if it beats Instagram and others for my needs.

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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