Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Band

One of the biggest industries that has captured users and the computing industry is the technology behind wearables. Google and Apple among others have launched their wearables, and Microsoft has been rumored to be not far behind. On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft Band, which could change the future of wearables.

The Microsoft Band was unveiled in blog posts and instructions online, but only came to reality in a late Wednesday night press release. Microsoft is expected to launch the product in its Microsoft Stores on Thursday, and should give users interested in fitness a new toy.

Microsoft Unveils New Microsoft Band Wearable Device

Microsoft Band

The Microsoft Band is the first product and device powered by Microsoft Health, and its goal is to monitor your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. It’s more than just a pedometer and calorie counter, and gives users email previews and alerts on their wrist, which separates itself from other wearables.

The Microsoft Band works with all mobile devices, with apps available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. The apps were released on Wednesday, ahead of the announcement of the product. It also includes a series of guided workouts that helps users guide their fitness levels for now and in the future

Microsoft Band Gives Users Alerts and Notifications On Wrist

Heart Monitor, Sleep Tracker & More

What separates the Microsoft Band is the 24 hour a day heart rate tracker built inside. It will also track your sleep and how often you wake. Users who run can track their routes via GPS run mapping as well. The combination of different fitness apps will give users a number of features to enjoy on their wrist.

With the Microsoft Band, users can monitor and preview email activity at a glance, get calendar alerts on their wrist, have it integrate with Cortana on their phone, set times and alarms for waking, and use it as an alert band too. Users can see text messages on their wrist, see incoming calls, and get notifications as well. Since its the first device from Microsoft Health, its the beginning of its endeavors, but it gives users a ton of features to enjoy for a $199 price point.

I’d like to give this a shot. It’s not badly priced, and it looks great from Microsoft.

Published: Thursday, October 30th, 2014 Last Modified: October 30, 2014

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