Microsoft Turns Xbox Into Premiere Media Hub

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One have been Microsoft’s keys into the living room, and with its Xbox Live system, has done a great job doing it. On Wednesday, the company announced major updates to the Xbox Media Experience, and will add over 45 new apps to the system globally.

Microsoft announced a huge number of premium and exciting channels and apps coming to both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms for users. It will take the regular gaming experience with some multimedia apps, into the premiere next-generation living room media center.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One To Get Twitter And Other Apps By Year End

Xbox One Gets Twitter Integration

The first announcement via Microsoft on the Xbox Wire was the integration of Twitter into the future of the Xbox One. Microsoft has teamed up with partners to build Twitter related apps for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and it will roll out by the end of the year. It should bring exciting new ways to be social with your programs.

Twitter though will be very tightly integrated into the Xbox One though, via the OneGuide that will show trending sections and more. Users can switch between a program they are watching to read real-time social Twitter interactions, and get social with others watching the game program. This should roll out by the holiday season.

Microsoft's Major Nelson Announces New Media Apps and Channels For Xbox Platform

Vine, MLG App and More Apps

Microsoft also announced that a new MLG app for the Xbox 360 will be live in the upcoming weeks. The Major League Gaming app will enable users to watch all the premiere content from the MLG, and see live broadcasts from competitions around the globe. It is scheduled to launch for the June MLG gaming season.

Additionally, Vine will be launching on the Xbox One, and will allow users to watch videos and more from the app. The other announcement came with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One having a ton of new channels, and will be up to 225 across the platforms. There is a complete list of channels on the Xbox website, and most of the channels from the largest media outlets are scheduled to be on the two gaming platforms.

Microsoft announced these items before E3 next week. It really makes Microsoft a media company more than ever, and makes the Xbox platform an exciting one to watch.

Published: Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Last Modified: June 12, 2014

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