Microsoft Turns 40

Tech companies come and go, and many of them don’t last more than a decade. Microsoft is a different type of company, and its thousands of employees and billions in revenue are ther result of hard work. Microsoft turned 40 on Friday, and with that marks a historic mark in the Redmond, Washington company.

For a tech company to last a decade, it’s important. When it can succeed and go 20, it looks like a winner and one that will last. At 40, its a brand that has sustained itself, gained an image as a leader, and has been led by leaders who can take the company for another 40 years to go.

Microsoft Turns 40 With Bill Gates Founding The Company

Where Micorosft Started and Has Gone

Micorosft started out in 1975, and was started by Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and then Steve Ballmer as he was brought into the company. A very ambitious and eager Bill Gates took his very small software company, fought his way up the ladder, and established his company as a tech leader and dominant player in the tech space.

The company has gone through several leaders since Bill Gates, with Steve Ballmer being the companies second CEO, and Satya Nadella the third and current one. The company went from a very technical and sales driven company, to a sales driven company, to a new cloud focused and subscription based company now.

Microsoft urns 40 And Is Ambitious For Another 40 To Come

Not Just Windows Anymore

The focus of Microsoft isn’t just a single product with Windows, and has expanded it with Office and more. Now, the company has billion dollar businesses with server product, cloud storage products, its Microsoft Azure line of products, next-generation gaming devices, and is planning a new version of Windows 10 later this year.

While Microsoft has been successful, it has failed. We all can remember Microsoft Bob, Microsoft Vista, and what Windows 8 has been for many users. It also knows its mistakes and tries hard to correct them with great followups like Windows 7 and others. It has been 40 years of prosperity, and should see another 40 to come.

Microsoft is a true American company. Happy 40 Microsoft, and many more to come.

Published: Monday, April 6th, 2015 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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