Microsoft To Release Xbox Games For Smartphones With The Advent Of Windows 8

Microsoft seems to be planning to introduce a mobile and portable gaming platform as part of their Windows 8 offering on Smartphones. It is going to be tied in with the Xbox experience on Windows and will be targeted at the mobile gaming sector.

Xbox Live On Windows 8 To Extend To Smartphones

Microsoft plans to bring Xbox games on Smartphones as part of the Xbox Live experience on the upcoming Windows 8 platform. This is a strategic move to maintain a competitive status with industry competitors like Sony and Nintendo.

In addition to remaining competitive, the company has also observed the growing success of social gaming and mobile gaming as a whole and has decided that the time is mature enough to make the strong entrance in to the arena.

Whilst Xbox Live is already part of Windows Phone 7 with playable games, these new offerings will be designed to pose more of a threat to the rest of the portable gaming players like Sony (PSP) and Nintendo (DS and 3DS). In addition to this, Apple’s iOS has become a good study case for how simple but well-designed games can really score on a mobile platform. Since Microsot is looking to make money on the App store as well, this would work towards achieving that goal as well.

Content Will Not Be Limited To Games

As has already been announced by Microsoft, Xbox Live on Windows 8 will not restrict itself to offering just games and add-ons to games. It will be the full-fledged entertainment platform that it already is. It will offer movies, TV episodes, music and other similar content to keep the avid Xbox Live users firmly entrenched with the Microsoft community. And with Windows 8 promising a unified experience across devices, users would be willingly and gladly staying onboard.

Published: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 Last Modified: September 24, 2011

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