Microsoft To Purchase Mojang

In a surprise move for the company, news on Friday was all about Microsoft and its pending purchase of a game company. The news about Microsoft purchasing Minecraft Mojang might be odd to some, but focuses Microsoft’s attention to gaming.

Many in the tech press and gaming world are wondering about this pending purchase, which Microsoft is supposed to announce on Monday. This multi billion dollar purchase will be big for the company, but get it a lot of customers too. With these playes, Microsoft can advertise, build, and possibly establish new relationships with too.

Microsoft Rumors Lead To Mojang Purchase

Who Is Mojang?

Many who aren’t familiar with Mojang, might wonder who the company is. The company only makes the one product, but is has over 100 million players, and that alone is something to take interest in. It’s Minecraft product is already available for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One currently.

The deal is supposed to be for $2.5 billion, and Microsoft will be using a lot of its overseas pending cash to make this purchase. It will gain a lot of customers with the purchase, with 100 million current Minecraft players, but its definitely a departure for the Redmond based hardware and software maker. The traditional Windows machine and software maker doesn’t make these types of moves often, and not for billions of dollars at all.

Microsoft In Takes To Purchase Mojang For $2.5 Billion

Why Purchase Mojang?

Easily the biggest question many asked is why purchase them? It first means that Google and Apple won’t own them for sure. It also means that they company could build a Windows Phone specific port of the game, which could get users interested in the phone.

Whether or not this will work for the company is a complete unknown, as Minecraft players are particular on their port and game that they use. 100 million customers though of a product is nothing to shy away from, and Microsoft can surely advertise to these players, get them into the Xbox world, and even get a Windows port of the game going soon enough.

It’s tough to say whether this is good or not. It’s surely interesting, and time will tell if it works out for Microsoft.

Published: Monday, September 15th, 2014 Last Modified: September 15, 2014

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