Microsoft To Introduce Voice Search On Bing

Microsoft has announced that its Bing search engine will get voice search features. You need a Microsoft Kinect to use this feature.

Bing Voice Search

Microsoft Leveraging Kinect For Advanced User Features In Bing And More

Microsoft has announced recently that Bing will be receiving voice search features next year through Kinect and users will also be able to use gestures to get the results that they want. Microsoft’s recent efforts have been to turn the Xbox 360 console into a truly 360 device when it comes to media and entertainment. This, in addition to Kinect and the smartphones will be the biggest push from Microsoft this holiday season.

Microsoft made a statement in an Australian media conference saying that they are now looking to focus more on experiences rather than just one thing at a time. And the Xbox is all about the entertainment experience and they want consumers to do everything through their Xbox 360 consoles.

More Control For Your TV And Computers Through Kinect For Xbox 360

Microsoft is keen to launch a new effort for marketing Kinect and Xbox together as a solution for controlling TV’s and computers through gestures. The company is going to launch voice search on Bing through their TV’s connect to the Xbox at the beginning of next year. They are likely to have multiple demonstrations set up before Christmas at various stores in order to demonstrate the Kinect experience on Xbox.

The Kinect’s US debut has already changed the US market’s perception of the Xbox and Microsoft quoted a study that shows 40% of total user time on Xbox is being used to perform non-gaming exercises. One of those major occupations is Netflix and 40% of Netflix users are said to be streaming the online entertainment service through the Xbox.

The use of voice in the areas of social networking is also expected to add a new dimension to the way Kinect on Xbox 360 is used.

Published: Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 Last Modified: September 28, 2011

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