Microsoft To Hold January 2015 Windows 10 Event

Windows 10 has been more of a technical preview for many users, and while the company held a press preview for it, the consumer angle still hasn’t been revealed. On Friday, news about a consumer event focused on Windows 10 was talked about, and means that Windows 10 might be a finished product.

The idea of a consumer event for Windows 10 makes sense, as the Windows Insider program has been focused on techies. The press event has been rumored for early 2015 acording to many in the know, and this matches up to the timeline for Windows 10. It could be ready for a final version soon as well.

Microsoft To Hold January Event For Windows 10 For Consumers

Consumer Event Details

While no event details have been discussed publicly, the consumer event will more than likely focus on the consumer features of Windows 10. These features will show off what Windows 10 means for consumers, and focus less on the technical aspects that many in the Windows Insider program have enjoyed.

Consumer features are what needs to be shared, as consumers haven’t taken Windows 8 as their favorite operating system as of yet. Windows 10 needs to succeed more than ever, and getting consumer’s to like it is very important. A consumer event could be held around the time of C.E.S. in Las Vegas, which shows off new technology.

Microsoft To Highlight Windows 10 Features In January

What Consumer Features?

With the consumer preview and show, Microsoft will want to show off what Windows 10 means for consumers. The new touch interface can be one of the main new features, and this has been called Continuum by many inside the company. This new interface is a great thing, and one that consumers can take advantage of with Windows 10.

Microsoft will also want to show off Windows Phones, tablets, a new Xbox One interface, and show off other places where Windows 10 can work for them. As the Internet of Things takes off, new devices can run Windows 10, and this can create a new set of tech for consumers. Windows 10 will be a big thing, and consumers will need to see it in person.

Windows 10 is a huge thing and consumer features are important. It will be interesting to see when and where this event happens from Microsoft.

Published: Monday, December 1st, 2014 Last Modified: December 1, 2014

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