Microsoft To Donate 1 Billion To Non-Profits

With the size of Microsoft’s company, the company has always worked with education systems, governments, and others to promote its brand and promote computing. On Tuesday, Microsoft pledged over $1 billion to help non-profits.

The pledge made by Microsoft is made to pledge its cloud services to over 70,000 nonprofits around the globe. The initiative will be over a three-year period, and should help these companies in numerous ways.

Microsoft's Brad Smith Announces Billion Dollar Investment For Non-Profits and Universities

Inside The Donation

In their pledge on Tuesday, Microsoft’s Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith stated that free and discounted services would be the main attraction. This should help these companies get on the cloud and lower IT costs.

Additionally, they are looking to expand access to free Azure for universities, and invest in programs that will provide Internet connectivity to developing world countries. This goes along with Facebook’s plans on their end.

Microsoft Investment With Azure In Universities Grows

Expanding Azure In Schools and Overall Giving

In comments on Tuesday, Microsoft stated that they want to help research universities get on the cloud, and want to expand the current program by over 50 percent. It currently covers 600 universities, and should get more soon.

In their global push to expand connectivity on the Internet, Microsoft will be making investments in using empty television waves to provide Internet connectivity. It has worked in certain African countries already, and shows promise to have it grow more.

Microsoft did a great thing with this $1B investment. They help the cloud grow and expand the Internet in areas, where it has no way to connect.

Published: Thursday, January 21st, 2016 Last Modified: January 21, 2016

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