Microsoft To Build Data Center In Finland

Finland has quickly become the hot bed of Microsoft news in the past day, and the announcement by Microsoft to build a $250 million data center in Finland is no surprise.

With the announcement between Microsoft and Nokia on Monday night, the side announcement that Microsoft would be building a $250 million data center was unnoticed. The expansion into Europe, and noticeably Finland makes a huge addition for Microsoft and Azure services in Europe.


Data Center Helps Microsoft Expand

The expansion of a large data center in Finland will allow for Azure, Xbox Live, and other services that rely upon the Microsoft cloud. This also can include Office 365 and other services. The move along with its data centers in Dublin, Ireland makes Microsoft a global player and especially in Europe.

Finland Is Hotspot For Datacenters

Microsoft is the latest of companies looking to expand with data centers in Finland. Other companies like Google and Facebook have already put or are building data centers in Finland, and the Nordic area is quickly becoming the hotspot for datacenters. The abundance of high speed connections along with wide open territory makes it a perfect spot to expand.

Part Of Nokia Purchase?

Pundits will wonder about the timing of this announcement, with Microsoft just announcing that they will purchase Nokia’s devices and services for $7.1 billion. The move could have been part of the negotiations to inject jobs and infrastructure into the country of Finland, but it could also be coincidental. The announcement by Microsoft stated that they would spend this money and possible more over the next few years as expansion into the country for its data centers.

This move by Microsoft to build a data center in Finland is great for Finland and the cloud services industry. This could mark an ever expanding role by Microsoft into the European continent, and this could eventually build out into more jobs for people with data center experience in the country. It does show that Finland is no longer Nokia’s own country anymore, and that Microsoft is looking beyond Redmond for its global data center needs.

Published: Thursday, September 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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