Microsoft Theater Takes Over Nokia Theatre Naming Rights

Companies are always aching to get their names on large arenas, as the naming rights to concert halls, sporting stadiums, and the like are very competitive. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced their latest corporate venture, with the LA LIVE theatre being renamed the Microsoft Threater.

The news about the LA LIVE venue being renamed caught some off their wagons, but a few actually saw the renaming as an upcoming thing. The venue had been named the Nokia Threatre, and with the Microsoft purchase of Nokia’s business unit, the naming license came to an eventual end.

Microsoft Theater Goes Live With Naming Deal Announced Tuesday

The New Microsoft Theater

The new Microsoft Threater is the headline concert hall in downtown Los Angeles, and is a 7,1000 seat and special events venue. It is located across the street from the Staples Center, and has hosted some of the largest events in Los Angeles, including the ESPY Awards and American Music Awards.

The Microsoft Theater will also bring in the entire rebranding of the Microsoft Square as well, as the LA LIVE area has 4000 sf. of an outdoor plaza as well. This includes rest areas, many restaurants, and brings hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area on a year basis with the events hosted there.

Microsoft Gets Naming Rights To Nokia Theater In LA

Microsoft Refurbishing Area

With the rebranding of the Microsoft Theater, Microsoft is also looking to refurbish and renovate the area, and will have lots of Microsoft signage and uses as well. This transformation will occur later this year, and AEG has a tight relationship with Microsoft already in the plans.

Microsoft already has a big investment in the Silicon Beach area, with four retail stores in the area, and will build upon the Southern California investment as well. Microsoft can easily get lots of exposure with this type of deal, and is a great thing for the area as well, with Microsoft’s investment made there.

Microsoft Theater should be a nice thing. Bye bye Nokia, and Hello Microsoft Theatre.

Published: Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 Last Modified: June 10, 2015

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