Microsoft Teams Up With NFL For Windows 10 Blockbuster App

As many sports fan know, football season has arrived, and with that, the NFL season is rapidly approaching. With the new NFL season around the corner, Microsoft and their partnership with the NFL is in full gear. With that, a new Windows 10 app has arrived.

Microsoft has had a long relationship with the NFL, and its highlighted with the Surface Pro’s on the sidelines and the Xbox One app for the NFL. But, getting users a premier Windows 10 app was a main focus, and it was released on Wednesday for all to enjoy.

Microsoft Debuts NFL On Windows 10 App

NFL On Windows 10 App

Microsoft was heavily involved with the production of this Windows 10 app and it shows with its clean interface, quick loading, and its capabilities. It allows for tracking of live scores, tracking of fantasy players, and in-game highlights of all the games.

Users are also able to take advantage of next-gen replays that are only available on the Windows 10 app, and these give users a 3D virtual field to see the replays. The company Next Gen Stats powers this is partnership with the NFL and Microsoft.

Microsoft Gives Windows 10 Users Next Gen Stats During NFL Games

Windows 10 and NFL Relationship

This app is all part of the tight relationship between the two companies, and is a very profitable and prosperous one. The all on-demand highlights, stats, and fantasy involvement keeps users in the game and glued to their Windows 10.

Microsoft will also be targeting users on Windows 10, giving them NFL exclusive footage and more. Microsoft will also be advertising heavily during NFL games with Windows 10 being the focus of the ads. These combos should help the NFL and Microsoft together.

The NFL on Windows 10 app is awesome. If you are an NFL fan, this app is all for you.

Published: Thursday, September 10th, 2015 Last Modified: September 10, 2015

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