Microsoft Talks About Windows Blue and Windows 8.1 Finally

In a recent blog post on Blogging Windows on Thursday, Microsoft went into a number of details surrounding the upcoming Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 release in more details than ever before.

What makes this announcement unique, is that is talks about all the mistakes made on Windows 8.

In the blog post, Microsoft talked about how Windows 8 was a revolutionary idea and a new operating system for the masses. They called it a bold new approach,and that they are taking in customer feedback on the improvements on Windows 8. The new features and improvements in Windows 8.1 include increased personalization, improved search, enhancements in the Apps and Windows Store, Cloud Connectivity, PC Settings assistance, Internet Explorer tab improvements, and lastly mouse and keyboard help.

New Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Windows 8.1 Becomes Personalized

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft said that users will be able to use pictures on the lock screens to identify themselves on the system and the ability to take pictures from the lock screen without logging in. This will be a huge improvement for multiple users of Windows 8. Also, Microsoft has made desktop backgrounds and tile arrangements something more usable within the system.

Search Made Easy

In Windows 8.1, Bing will power the Windows 8 search and it will search across your files, web, and all of your network resources for the item you need. Search queries will be faster and more efficient in Windows 8.1 as well.

Apps and Windows Store Improvements

Now, Windows 8.1 will have better photo improvements within the app, the music app has been redone from the beginning, snap views will be improved, and the Windows store will have better usability for people of all ages. Users will be able to search for files on the Windows Store more easily and across different categories and more.

Along the noted improvements in Windows 8.1, Microosft has made the cloud portion of the OS more connected to Windows Skydrive. Users will be able to save directly to the Skydrive ecosystem and those who use Skydrive often will find that a huge improvement.

The control panel and settings within Windows 8.1 have been redone to optimize performance for power users too. Internet Explorer will include IE11 and the most wanted improvement of the Start button will be more prevalent than ever.

All in all, Windows 8.1 should make users happier and more efficient while using Windows 8, and should quiet those who criticize it for its early flaws. Clearly, Microsoft is listening and users should see Windows 8.1 soon on the horizon.msft

Published: Saturday, June 1st, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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