Microsoft Talks About Next Xbox And Windows 8 Integration

Windows_8_xbox_live Brian Hall, Microsoft general manager at the Windows Live department, recently talked about the next Xbox and its compatibility with Windows 8.

Microsot Manager Mentions The Next Xbox Along With Windows 8

Microsoft’s Brian Hall, General Manager Windows Live, was recently heard mentioning the next Xbox while talking about Windows 8 and all the new products that are going to be coming out in the near future. He mentioned the next Xbox in conjunction with the “new wave of products” that would be coming out in tandem with Windows 8.

The new Xbox was mentioned in the same breath as the new Office and the new Windows Phone. It is a small thing but it does show a few things about the next Xbox. The fact that it was mentioned in the same sentence (and almost accidentally at that) shows the next Xbox is indeed quite close to completion. This conclusion has at least one related occurrence backing it up — the current developer kit for the next Xbox has already been leaked online.

The new SDK for Xbox is called “Durango” and it shows that Microsoft has taken a completely new approach to the Xbox platform. There have been a lot of changes for the better, one of them being the new platform’s ability to run the popular Direct X11 graphics engine.

Microsoft’s endeavors at this point would be to integrate Xbox very tightly into Windows 8 and give birth to what the company has been dreaming of for a long time now — a complete entertainment solution. This would be the ultimate living room machine that gives users complete control over their gaming and local and streaming media. Microsoft has already mentioned it in several earlier occasions that Xbox has been evolving from a simple gaming platform to a complete entertainment solution. Its integration in to Windows 8 would only makes things even better for the entire Windows ecosystem where users would have a completely connected experience switching between their desktop, laptop, tablet, Xbox and Windows Phone.

Published: Tuesday, August 7th, 2012 Last Modified: August 7, 2012

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