Retailer Lists Surface Pro Tablet With A Price Tag Over $1000, Wild Speculation

Microsoft Pro Tablet Price 1000 Dollar

Microsoft’s Surface tablets release around the general availability of Windows 8 – launching October 26 – and the pricing for the tablets, despite being unconfirmed by Microsoft, has been leaked. It’s apparently going to be close to $1000.

We really want to buy Surface tablets when Microsoft releases the devices, but not if they’re in quadruple digits

Earlier this year we reported on rumors claiming Microsoft’s Surface tablets would be around $600 and $1000 for the Windows RT and Windows Pro versions respectively, and the latter could reach the ridiculous price. According to a Swedish website listing the devices, the Pro version totals $1000 at current market conversions rates.

Important note: The retailer is doing only guesswork here and the taxes in Sweden are a lot higher on consumer electronical devices.

Microsoft Pro Tablet Price 1000 Dollar

Considering Apple offers the market leader – the iPad – in its latest form for $499, for 16GB. Microsoft won’t gain market share without pricing close to the model.

Steven Sinofsky’s price details were frustratingly vague during Microsofs’ reveals of Surface. He said the price for the Pro version will be competitive with other ARM tablets, with the Pro variant being competitive with ultrabooks. I don’t see most ultrabooks going for $1000.

Some Models Are Competitive

It’s worth saying a statement from Webhallen, the store listing the prices, and the store said it hasn’t heard from Microsoft on pricing. On the face of it we’d think the pricing was simply misleading. However, a source speaking to The Next Web last month confirmed the $599 and $999 price for Surface RT and Surface Pro respectively. The latter apparently used Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors.

Sources speaking to DigiTimes, despite having an inconsistent history with its sources, said the pricing would be above $599 for the Surface RT model. Surface Pro is priced, at least, above $799 according to the same sources. And then there’s the 32GB and 64GB models to consider, so we’re not sure whether the aforementioned prices are the high- or low-end costs.

Bare in mind Apple’s tablets starts at 16GB, at $499, while the 32GB model is $599, the same as Surface RT.

Published: Friday, July 27th, 2012 Last Modified: July 27, 2012

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