Microsoft Stores Travelling Across The Atlantic, Launching Spring 2013

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Microsoft Stores are coming to the UK 2013, the company announced, and 75 stores will launch worldwide.

The scattered Microsoft Stores are expanding to the UK and across the world, it announced

Microsoft has announced that its retail stores, which will sell the Surface tablets unveiled by the company earlier this month, are expanding to 75 worldwide and in the UK. The move means the hard-to-find stores will offer products consumers otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy in more regions, such as Surface.

The first indications came when Microsoft launched a private company in the UK. Locations aren’t known, but London and other locations in the UK could happen. More major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool would be good locations. Anywhere where there’s footfall, really.

A trademark gained in 2011 said the store would be a designed with four curved tabletops at the front, with rear side walls, and what was described as a rectangular band displaying images. That sounds minimalistic, like Apple’s stores.

Apple has been incredibly successful with its retail stores, bringing a modern design and laid-back – but informative – approach to its staff. The company has people in-store and Geniuses, which are a tier up from regular Apple employees and offer more specific troubleshooting advice for the company’s products. Meetings have to be booked beforehand.

Apple Brand Tough To Emulate

Microsoft doesn’t have that same appeal to consumers as Apple does: it prices may be lower, but the brand image doesn’t resonate with young people the way Apple does. That’s not because it’s creating bad products, it’s just that the iPhone and iPad has a lot of mind share. If I asked a regular consumer if they had heard of Microsoft Surface, they’d say no.

19 stores are open at the moment. Two more are opening in New York and Canada. The 75 stores will open over the next two or three years according to Microsoft COO Kevin Turner who spoke at the Worldwide Partner Conference. Apple has 320 stores.

Whatever the stores like look, it should give a greater presence to Surface and other Microsoft products such as Windows Phone. I feel like there’s a lack of awareness right now among the mainstream consumers, and there definitely aren’t people camping outside for the latest product launch.

Published: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 Last Modified: June 28, 2012

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