Microsoft: SkyDrive Service Will Work Seamlessly in Windows 8

Windows 8 And Skydrive Integration 2012.JpgMicrosoft’s tight integration will work consistently well in their newest OS

Microsoft have assured Windows 8 users that SkyDrive, the cloud storage program, will work seamlessly

The Consumer Preview does a good job of showing how tightly Microsoft intend to integrate SkyDrive – the company’s cloud storage program – into its newest OS, as users can access files quickly and easily. For the full, retail release Microsoft have assured its users that the service will be flawless when Windows 8 hits retail release.

Mike Torres and Omar Shahine, Group Program Managers for SkyDrive, said Windows 8 “promises to let users open, edit and saves SkyDrive files as if … on their own hard drives.”

The two went on to say that users will be able to save files automatically to SkyDrive should the option be available, that users won’t have to transfer files from one service to another and that they won’t have to convert the files to a different format.

They also added SkyDrive is currently be used by 17 million users, storing 10 petabytes of data. They said ‘we expect to grow beyond some of the largest services on the Internet today.’

In the blog post, Microsoft said they focused on achieving two goals with SkyDrive:

1) a fluid and fast version of SkyDrive that works well with touch.
2) making SkyDrive available from and Metro app in Windows 8

The result is that any app that allows for opening and saving photos support SkyDrive automatically: “Without adding a single line of code, users will be able to access and store files on SkyDrive.”

Microsoft have also confirmed that SkyDrive will work in Windows 7 and Vista. Users simply put files in their SkyDrive folder, allowing access across all PCs despite their OS.

Accessing files remotely

A new feature in SkyDrive is that users can access files, across the Internet, from a remote PC that is running SkyDrive: “you can also choose to ‘copy to SkyDrive’,” so files will be available across devices.

Microsoft are calling this ‘forgot something?’ as it allows files to be accessed on

SkyDrive users will also have to pass two steps of authentication, the second of which is a code sent to a mobile phone or e-mail address.

Published: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 Last Modified: April 2, 2012

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