Microsoft Signs Alliance With SAP For Cloud Partnership

The cloud for the enterprise is a remarkable product, as companies and businesses around the world continue to use it for all types of data. On Monday, Microsoft and SAP signed a brand new initiative that will bring together the cloud and big data in all new ways.

The agreement between SAP and Microsoft continues the ongoing partnership that the two companies have had for over 20 years. This new alliance though marks the launch of the cloud infrastructure for both companies, and will allow SAP to launch its services on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Teams Up With SAP For Cloud Partnership

SAP To Run Services On Azure

The new SAP and Microsoft cloud agreement will allow SAP to run several of its major cloud services on the Microsoft Azure platform. These services with include: SAP Business Suite software, SAP Business All-In-One solution, SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) and the developer edition of the SAP HANA platform.

With these services run on Azure, business and enterprise customers will be able to run these apps anytime, and benefit from the infrastructure of the cloud. The unlimited cloud resources that Microsoft Azure can support any businesses SAP needs, from the smallest company to the largest.

Microsoft Azure Gains New SAP Tools For The Enterprise

Mobile And Data Options

In addition to the cloud resources, the SAP agreement will also allow SAP mobile tools to interact directly with Windows Phone. Microsoft is planning later this year to release a new SAP mobile SDK for SAP customers, and those will allow those customers to build mobile apps that tightly use the SAP infrastructure.

Lastly, the SAP Gateway for Microsoft has been rebuilt, and will allow it to connect with powerful business tools from Microsoft. The biggest one will be the ability to connect Excel to the SAP Business objects and Power BI together. The ability to bring big data together with the cloud, Azure, and SAP will make crunching big data easier and more efficient. Clearly, Microsoft sees the enterprise and the cloud as a major push in the immediate future, and building a new partnership with SAP will certainly do that today.

This is a big enterprise play for SAP and Microsoft. Both enterprise tools generate billions of dollars, and will only build more in the future.

Published: Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 Last Modified: May 20, 2014

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